Saturday, February 8, 2014

yurt alert

A few weekends ago we went on a little adventure with our friends to a yurt out yonder. 

Our friend Hannah is a seasoned back-packer and traveler, so she planned the whole shindig and we scrounged up some backpacks from our more adventuresome friends and set out to Butte meadows about an hour outside of Chico. 

Ry, Michelle and I were newbie packers so of course I packed a few (hundred) pounds too much. I felt like a Sherpa. 

Here was the crew:

It was an arduous 1.5 mile trek from where we parked to the yurt, but because of my lop-sided pack I was hurting by .8th of a mile. 

I tried not to show it, but I was little bent over like a little russian babushka. (forget the sherpa)
Good thing it was beautiful, it made up for the cramps and the future soreness I was going to experience the next morning... and week. 

... and after we went over the hills and through the woods, there she was..
Miss Yurtle 

We unpacked our belongings, made the place cozy and then went on a 8 mile hike. It was such a perfect day. This was suppose to be a snow-camping trip but because of the drought that we're in, it was just a crisp stroll. 
--no snow shoes necessary.

We got to a watch tower, munched on snacks, took quick naps and I snapped a few photos.

We headed back, chowed down on spaghetti and jumped into some late-night games. We made sure to rotate seating each round so no one was hogging the wood stove.  

Our night was super duper nippy, but we woke up to a yummy quinoa breakfast, compliments of Hannah. 

So that's just a little window into our first back-packing trip. A nice little intro I'd say. Next time I'll learn to pack the heavy things on the bottom of my pack, and to not bring 6 rolls of toilet paper. 
Who would have known. 
All for now brown cow,  


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