Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Michelle's Birthday Bash

At the beginning of the month we celebrated the 25th birthday of our dear sister, Michelle! 
We're loving celebrations at the new Fitz house. Let us know, and you can book one here at fitzpartying.com...

We had a chill, low-key afternoon with some good friends though. 
Along with our classic feta and caramelized almond pasta salad, we had chocolate fondue with all the fixins, chips & salsa, and the Fitz's age-old tradition of ice cream cake. 

Usually the Fitz dad is in charge of the cake and incorporates a "secret" layer that has once included dog food, and plastic bugs... but I decided to omit this part of the tradition this year and just go for the classic fudge, bananas, strawberries yadayada...
I'm a crowd pleaser, I'm not quite at the pranking stage of my "Fitzness" yet. Maybe I'll grow into it. 

Because of the aging element, Michelle was having difficulty blowing out her candles-- and they weren't trick candles. People who are a quarter of a century can start to get winded... it just comes with age. 
but after she huffed and puffed... she finally succeeded. 

Everybody hung out and played some farkle, probably because of the yummy prizes, but we had some intense games going on. You know how farkle can get with all it the "skill" it requires... I obviously didn't win at my table, but that doesn't bother me at all... 

We even played basketball in the warm February sun. Sometimes when you're in denial that California is in drought, you can enjoy the warm, sunny, winter weather. :)

'till next time, 

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