Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rewind: ~Summer 2013~

I'm inspired. 
In the last 2 weeks I've come across 3 faithful followers who mentioned that--on occasion-- they still check my blog. I was tickled, knowing my blog hasn't been updated since last year. How silly of them and how pathetic of me. 

Life got busier, which means a few things got cut out. Blogging, baking and exercising being a few. 
I feel like a lot has happened and I miss sharing it with my faithful followers~ especially my Bangkok family afar. 
But where to start? I say summer. Back in the warm ol' days. Then I'll hopefully do a fall post before Christmas. 

Oh Summer. 

In May, Ry Graduated with his masters in Social Work and landed a job in our county. Both our grampas came to celebrate along with Kyle and his girlfriend, Marley. We threw him a party at the park that was fish taco and salsa themed. We had a little fiasco with salty fish-batter, but I'll let Ry tell you about the time he put one cup of salt in batter. :)

In June the Fitz family from Bangkok came to join us and to drop off our new U.S. family member, Michelle. Michelle is Ryan's sister who has been living in Bangkok until now. Now she's our house-mate!
It was blazing hot in Chico, so we escaped to Lake Almanor for our (now traditional) camping trip. 

My camping obsession for this summer was cinnamon rolls baked in orange peels. It was genius and delicious at the same time~ a nice breakfast surprise. 

Kelly and Tyler's Wedding!
The big wedding bash of the summer was my cousin's down in L.A. It was a gorgeous wedding, full of fun traditions, yummy food and lots of family. It was a joy to watch this amazing couple tie the knot. 

After the wedding of bunch of us decided to take the scenic route back up to the Bay area by stopping for a few days in Santa Barbara. Our Inn was not only walking distance from the beach but had the most decadent breakfast I've ever experienced at an Inn. Muffins, scones, bagels, quiche, tarts, and the guy behind the counter just kept bringing out more! Even though we spent most of our mornings eating, we did play some beach volleyball --just like the locals-- we just weren't quite as ricko suave . 

Mom Groot in Chico
After we got our Fitz fix, we got to see my mom on the Groot side. She was lucky enough to see a little window of the craziness that we are. We even signed her up to help out at our Thai dinner that we threw for our complex. It was a chaotic success. 

Anniversary in San Francisco 
To celebrate our 3 years of marriage (wowza!) We packed up and drove down to San Fran to see the sights. We took the BART into the city and stayed at a great hotel right in Union Square. On our first day we ventured to Haight Ashbury and Ghirardelli Sqare. 

Ryan found a roaming mobile food extravaganza called Off the Grid. It probably had at least 20 different options for us to choose from with lots of fun asian fusion choices. 

Muir Woods
Our last stop was Muir woods. We took a ferry over and then bussed our way up to this beautiful redwood forest. It was funny to this this awesome piece of paradise was so close to the bustling city we were just in. It blows me away. 

So there are some highlights dear friends. Thanks for reading.. :) 
and Happy December, 


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