Friday, December 6, 2013

When fall was here

Here's another quick update from the happenings of the past few months, because there's so much a-happenin'. 

Since we've had Michelle around, we've been trying to introduce her to the beauty of the seasons that exist outside of Thailand's hot and rainy seasons. She's not fancying the 22  degrees outside right now, but fall was fun. 

Hunting for our Pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch Posse
To pick our pumpkin we decided against Safeway and went to a local pumpkin patch (to support our Junior Higher gardeners of course). We roamed around looking for the perfect match, and then got home and got are carving on. 
I felt like our carving creations turned out pretty sweet. I was pretty impressed with Moki's duel sided pumpkin with mirrored wording on the back. It took skill. 

Our fall wedding was our dear friend's Paul and Stephanie's. These love birds were high school sweethearts and are just a fun-loving quirky pair. Stephanie graduated as an art major, so I thoroughly enjoyed all the fun little details she had incorporated in their wedding.  

So these next two pictures come with some background. To the left is our good friend David Emmert. Ryan and him have had an ongoing battle.. with bread.
You see, it all started when Ryan was going through an obnoxious habit of slapping people with the unwanted heal of a loaf of bread. I have to say, I was also a victim of Ry's bread slapping. David was not a happy victim and threatened to punch Ryan with a loaf of bread. He said he would stick his hand inside the loaf and punch him. Ryan thought that seemed fair. 
Unlucky for Ryan, on our way to a friend's party we found a huge bag of bread on the side of the road (no joke) and the dueling began. There were even abrasions on their cheeks from the roughness of the bread to prove it. 
So when we had some neglected bread hanging around our house before the wedding, the planning began. "I'll pretend to be taking a picture of him and Moki and then you come around the back and slap him right across the head"... and that's how it happened... and it was hilarious. There's a video on facebook but I'm not sure how to upload it. Pictures will have to do. 

Our New Casa
In October we also bought our first home! The process was much faster than we had anticipated so I found myself a little overwhelmed and shocked when our realtor pranced up to me with keys as I was manning the booth at our school carnival. It was just very surreal. 
Oh fun fact. Our house is right next to the school I work at. Right next to it. Our view is the playground. So first things first, we put up a fence to define work from home. :) We've already learned a lot about home-ownership, but also realize how little we know. Here is the way we clean our gutters, I'm sure there's a better way. Let me know if so. 

We decided to have a little fall party at our place a few weeks ago to begin warming our house and just to hang out with good friends. 

We now have a apple-bobbing tradition. The last one we had was maybe two years ago, and I won. I can't remember the exact numbers, but I do remember beating our friends Patrick and Dave. 
So this year, they came ready. Dave brought goggles (ahem..cheater) and Patrick was just fierce. Who I was most worried about was Moki, my cousin. The one who was made out of the same competitive flesh and blood as yours truly. 
This year we had 15 seconds to see how many apples we could retrieve. The first round had me at 5, Patrick and Dave at 4 and Moki at 7. It was rough, but I had to put Moki in his place. I girded my loins and went for the plunge and threw 9 apples to the ground. (yes, and I threw them on the GROUND!) 
I attribute my victory to my buck teeth. No need for goggles with my pearly whites. 

The down side: My performance was compared to that of a rabid dog. 

November ended with visits from friends far away. Our dear friends Jen (from SLO) and Alyssa (from Utah) stopped by Chico for a visit which warmed our hearts. I wish people we love wouldn't leave Chico and go to awesome places like SLO and Utah, but at least you visit, right? Our home is always open. Ask Lys, our hide-a-bed isn't too bad. (but then again she's used to roughin' it with a sleeping bag in the wilderness)

Well, my Friday night is done, and my nose is running and I must move to bigger and better things. (aka my warm bed) 
Peace and love, 


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  1. yay! she's back! And you can of course trust my bed judgment I've slept many many places, your hide a bed is comfy.