Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 years baby!

Yes, sir and madams.... 
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzstevens have now been married 2 years as of today!

These last two years have flown by, it's almost not fair. I feel like I need life to slow down so I can savor these first few years of marriage. But when I look back at what we've experienced, all I know is that I'm glad to be with Ryan--- he really is the best. 

Today, Ry unfortunately had to work, so we'll have a belated celebration, but during his break today we got to exchange some fun gifts. 

Peonies are my fav-- and though you do not see peonies in this picture, I will nurse this little guy until he produces some lovely peonies for me. I hope. Ry knows not to get me a bouquet of flowers, I've always requested living flowers~ weirdo, I know. 

A mega-truffle full of rich chocolate deliciousness from one of my favorite bakeries in town~ The upper crust. Y-U-M.

It's hard to believe that our hearts stumbled over each other almost ten years ago when we were little turds. How I hung onto Mr.Fantastic for so long is a miracle.
So much of life has gone by, but these last few years with Ry-guy have been such a blessing...I can't wait for what this next year holds!

Love you Ry Guy!


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