Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh goodness how this summer is rushing by... I forget how much I love summer until I see the end in sight. Here are some odds and ends  of recent summer joys:

~ Growing plants not killing them... at least not yet. (compliments of Sarah and Daniel)

~Random date nights with Ry (this doesn't get to happen much during the school year,so we savor these spontaneous times)


~ Unexpected gifts from friends for my classroom! It's amazing how excited I can get about school supplies, I'm like a little kid starting kindergarten. 
As I was sitting at Starbucks today, our friends the Corys waltzed in with another fancy gift for me. I'll have to post it later, I feel so spoiled. 

Thanks Alyssa W!
~ Homemade coconut ice cream-- we're trying to steer away from dairy mostly for Ry's sake, but ultimately my sake too. :)
This ice cream fulfills our sweet-toothed needs just fine ..

~An anniversary lunch at Biba's in Sacramento. It's nice to go fancy once in awhile, helps reminds us that our marriage is something to celebrate: 

So it's almost one in the morning.. I guess I'll call it a "day"? We've gotta wake up in time for church in the manana. Hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am. Keep me posted, if not on here then via facebook. 
Much love, 


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