Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So we did.

Last weekend we took a sweet trip down to SLO with Beth and Mari to see Cal Poly, but who just drives to the beach to only see a school... we made a trip out if it. 

We we packed up our 5 million things-- even the girls had a pile of "stuff" between them in the back seat. We go prepared friends. No tent left behind. 
Our first stop was in Atascadero for some fish tacos and burritos. The size difference between the tacos and burritos was substantial but good thing we're family and we know how to share. 

We spent our first afternoon in Morro Bay just to reminisce Ry and my engagement... and to play some "Blogoball!"... I started out telling the girls... "this came is called blogoball... I'm awesome at it".. hahah! I totally wasn't as awesome as I remembered. Oh well. 

We went camping that night in a place called Cerro Alto up in mountains. It was beautiful, probably one of my favorite camping spots. 
As we were "gathering"firewood, Ry was using his uber manly-bear-grylls skills, and using a rope to bring down the dead branches of the trees. Except this branch was not fully dead: 

So we sent Beth up into the tree to help with a little serrated knife to finish it off--since she has such a great track record of trees and sharp objects(mom and dad-- please trust us with Beth again--we're not always irresponsible.)  
Unfortunately Mr.Ranger came up from nowhere and started yelling: "DO YOU WANT TO GO TO JAIL? DO YOU WANT TO GO TO JAIL?"... and chewed us out completely. Good thing I had my paperwork or we might have gone to jail! Goodness. We did apologize, but that was the phrase of the weekend... "You're going to go to jail!" 

Everything was bliss after that, except when were scouting out for little kindling we'd hide our pile every time we heard a car come by. We obviously didn't learn our lesson. 

Now do you see my little mountain man making a foolish mess in his beard... well there was still marshmallow left-overs the next morning when I looked over at him-- it was classy.  

Mr. Ranger told us to look at the rules, so on our way out we took a little look and there was our misdemeanor, we should have signed it.  

After camping, we headed to campus for our 2 hour long tour and we met up with lovely Miss: 

We spent another great day at Avila beach and Adam (mari's brother) was in town so he joined us. 

Okay this picture is hilarious because the night before we were playing Would You Rather around the campfire. The question was: would you rather have a head double the size or half the size-- and mari stood alone on the half sized head--until she saw this! hahahah

Such a fantastic time with fantastic people. I'd do it again this week if it wasn't so far away. 
Cheers to adventures and roadtrips!


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