Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bike ride print
via Design Sponge

Last night we got back safe and sound from a great refresher trip to the mountains. We're both a little sore from our snow boarding excursion, but at least I don't have whip lash this time from face plants. I think I can call that improvement. 
I need to crash before the craziness of this upcoming week, so no snow pics yet, but I thought I'd let you join on this sweet bike ride ry and I had this past week. 

pic by my husband.. aka mr.amazing photographer. : )

We even found a rope swing.. actually a vine swing. Oh what fun! 

Speaking of sweet bike rides, check this one out. One day Ry and I will be promoted to this bike tour:

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Spring break has sadly whizzed by, but I'm sure there will be plenty of adventures this week. 
May you bring light into the places where you work and play. 


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