Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday to Friday

Hello lovelies!
This week has flown by, I thought I was going to have hours catch up on this blog, but alas, the little to-do list added up to days of catching up on the little things that had fallen through the cracks.. A lot of it was simply resting and trying to get better. I seriously think part of my brain liquified and ran out my nose. I know gross but totally possible. And on that note, here are some highlights..

Friday night dinner with our good friends Shemu and John. He even serenaded us for a belated 1 year anniversary.  

Our St. Patricks wasn't very St.Patricky, but still a fun day out in the town with my Ryan. We started out with some chocolate chip pancakes, I should've made them green, but hind sight, friends.
My co-worker, Rose, is an amazing Irish dancer and was out with her crew at the farmer's market. 
We could even hear bagpipes going across the street. 
 Then off to Tin Roof for a 2nd breakfast/brunch. They  have the best treats and eats.. we munched on a blueberry crumble, we ate it so fast I don't even have picture to capture its tastiness, sorry. Take my word. 

Then we went thrifting together, I'm so lucky my hubz enjoys taking these random outings with me, what a trooper. 

Monday started with crepes, I had leftover cobbler filling that we used as a topping~ pure genius. The boys also had their own combos. 

Ry and I found this amazing home ec store down town. I felt like I had walked into pinterest meets etsy. I wanted to take it all home with me.. except that a little sunglasses case was approximately 50 dollars. Really? Now come on. 

 Check out these cute little algae balls, they treat them like pets! hahaha, love it. They even grow. 

Then inspiration was in my blood.. and the crafting started up: 
Here are two of my four projects

Tedious but fun and overall satisfying. We also spent a lot of time meeting residents this week and making connections with people who have just recently moved in. We made these little bags of cookies for them to welcome them into the neighborhood: 
Well there you go. I have more, but too much is never healthy. Tomorrow we head to Mt.Shasta with Caitlin to visit Megs and John. We're pumped! 
Hope all is well on your side of the screen. Much love, 


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