Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Move

Oh goodness, 
I was doing so well catching up on my blogging pace, but then totally lost it this past week. I'm going to cut myself some slack though because since the last time I blogged, I've moved !!
Yup. A little more sudden that both Ry and I had expected, but before I jump into the craziness of the move, let me let you in on how our fabulous weekend started...

Friday night we went to a long-awaited dinner at what was once a new restaurant in Chico... Since we've told our friend Nick we were going to eat there together, almost a year has passed. It's not new news anymore, but still delicious. On the left top you can see our spicy guacamole burger... Drool.  

Saturday morning we finally got to meet new baby Thrashley at a meet-the-baby shower. 
Little liam was to die for. 

The ladies in charge also presented a fabulous brunch with so many amazing details...

From the shower we headed straight over to our new place to sign the lease and do a walk through, then the moving began. Here are pics of the process. 

1. We packed like maniacs (boxes compliments to safeway)

2. We called in the troops
(Ky and Marley came up for the day to help and our caring community team  (chad and erin) pitched in and Patrick came with his truck. : ) )

3. We loaded it up 
In actually 5 different vehicles

4. Filled up our new home.

Presidents weekend game me some time to move junk around (especially with two rooms now!) and we now have walking space in our living room and kitchen. We're not running around looking through boxes to find a spoon or an outfit. We have a place for cereal. Our plants are alive. We're not stuck on the pot without tp. Basically we're moving in just fine. Slowly but surely....

and we didn't just move for the fun of it. We actually got a part time job through a non profit called Caring Communities. We're  basically placed in this complex to put on events and such that foster healthy community and to love on those around us!! so fun, right? We're pretty pumped.
I'll let you know more later. 

Right now I'm in an empty aerobics room using the club houses' internet, because we don't have any yet... so, I better get back to the casa to keep working on boxes. 
We're almost to a new weekend! 
Finish strong, 


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