Friday, February 24, 2012

Decor Dreaming

Happy Friday!
We made it! I'm totally beat. Went and joined a pick up game of ultimate frisbee, I used to be a regular every friday. I haven't gone for months, and it totally showed and I'm gonna be hurting tomorrow. But the weather was too beautiful for my ultimate frisbee pride. 
Anyways, this weekend I'm going to be sorting through more boxes and hopefully I'll get some art on our blank walls. 
Thought I'd share some recent inspiration. 
It's like I think I moved into a two story house the way I dream, but it's fun whatever the case. 

Reading nook
via media tumbler

Coffee Table
via Jennifer Havener

via Beetle Shack

mixed print entryway
via Madebygirl

via grand Mankin

Sunshine Ruffalo's entryway
Sunshine Ruffalo
open shelves

ikat bowls are for lovers
via Eclechick

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