Sunday, February 26, 2012

A quick catch-up before my husband tells me it's time to "wind down" again.. I've been trying to get things in our new casa set up like a war horse this afternoon. Sometimes when you get in that mood you just got to go for it. But it's pushing 11:30, and a new week is starting, friends.
So Alas, here are the beauties of this weekend: 

I didn't get a pic of our guests for some reason I got camera shy, behind the camera. I felt a little silly and cheezy, so I took a picture of our dessert, I knew they wouldn't judge me. Especially in our stomachs. 

 We find answers at Farmer Market... It better work. A twist on Mary Poppins: " A spoon full of honey makes the sneezies go away"...

Then Saturday night we went to:

It was a classy little get-together for our friend Melissa's golden birthday. Ry wore his velvet suit and brought his nerf gun... I wore my pearls, and we even won a prize!

Well that's all folks! Get lots of sleep and we'll take on Monday together. A day a time, friends..


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