Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ry and I like to take turns planning dates for valentine's day, anniversary, christmas and such. Makes it so there is a little sense of surprise and it also gives us a year off when the other is planning. Not that it's a burden, but sometimes I stress myself out a little bit. There's just so much V-day hype, I kept worrying that my plans were lame. So glad ryan's not uptight about these types of things.  

Anyways, I decided to treat Ry to some blueberry muffins in the morning which meant waking up uber-early before he got up to prep the surprise..
Then I preheated the oven with pans already inside..
Which started the smoke alarm, sooo... Happy Early Valentine's day Ryan!!! (at 6 something in the morning) hahahaha... 
Testing his love. : )

They did turn out, I just made a few too many. 
Then began the labor of love:

Mrs. High-achieving cake. 
Let's say, I shot a little too high and spent way more time than expected on this lovely surprise. 

I came home to some treats from Ry, including this love fern (via How to Loose a Guy in 10 days) and not only one cute water bottle but dos! (because I am known for loosing them) Cutie. 

I decided on Outback for dinner, we sat outside with a heating lamp, because no one else was willing to and it was a 2 hour wait if not. If only they took reservations. It was still romantic though, especially with those amazing bloomin onions. MMmmmm..

Then we went to a movie and came home to cut the cake!!..
And my en devours paid off.. kinda of: 
I hope you can tell there's a heart in the middle. If not, look at this amazing tutorial and feel free to judge me. 
Just to give myself a little credit, the cake tasted pretty awesome.  

I think he knows it's the thought that counts anyways. :)
Thanks for being my valentine, Ry. 
You-da-best.. Budapest. 


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  1. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, ms fitz :)

    you are ryan are adorable. flat out, 100%, freakin' adorable.

    i love and miss you!!