Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello dearest friends!

It almost seems foreign to be blogging, now that I'm sitting back on my couch in Chico after the adventures of the past month. 

As I had mentioned in my last blog, before we got back to Chico we spent a week in Indiana with Ry's family to attend the memorial of his grandma, Janet Mansfield. We felt fortunate to be able to go and celebrate her life with family that Ry hadn't even seen for over a decade.

I wish I had gotten to know her better. 
Here are some old pics of her that are just lovely: 

As a family we got a lot of time to hang out and catch up on life: 

An amazing art museum in this house

We spent one sunny afternoon in a nearby Amish town called Grabel. Their general store was amazing, a good reminder of the simple things in life. 

We came home with some home-made pies and ice cream as a fleeting souvenir, easily demolished  after a competitive game of dutch-blitz. 

 And I mustn't forget--- all the snow! 
we made sure to have at least one play day!

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