Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few more of Bangkok..

Okay, so before I get full-swing into living back in Chico, I wanted to do (at least) one more blog about Bangkok-- since I did get pretty behind while there. : )

As I mentioned before, our lovely Chico-friend David, who is actually in China right now came for two weeks of our trip. It was so good to see him and to have a piece of Chico with us... So in this picture, our bearded-wonder is coming out of our secret passage way that we would take when walking from my parents house to the apartments we were staying at. The construction people were so nice to leave us a little hole to squeeze through so that we didn't have to pay a .25 cent toll.. love it. 

We were eating beasts. Apart from seeing our family, one of our goals was to get Thai food back in our blood stream before our trip closed.. I think we were highly successful. I feel like I never truly got "hungry" for a whole month. 
oh yes, and the exotic fruits were just as amazing as ever-- even tried a few I hadn't even seen after 18 years there. 

Passion fruit!
 Ry and I frequented a new mall in Bangkok called Terminal 21. Most creative mall I've been to. Each floor was representative of a different country--- even the bathrooms were decked out with fountains in the Greek floor and toilet-seat warmers/sprayers on the Japanese floor. 

Trying on clothes the right way, she gets her style from me
 big sis. :) 

We got to see some old friends and some old places: 

Our old school from 1-12 grade

And we always have a girls night with my sisters. Our tradition is to make our own face masks. This time it was oatmeal, banana and honey... Totally worked, like always, but the jealous ones were cracking jokes at us about having breakfast ready on our face... Oh for beauty..

New Years
was celebrated with some good eats, resolution writing and a ferocious game of Mad Gab.. oh, and some fireworks from the roof of Ry's apartment complex.. 360 view of all the fireworks!

 It's good to be back, but I sure to miss Bangkok and family there already. Good thing I dragged Ryan back to Chico with me and Chico's been gracious with sunny weather. If only I could shake this clingy cold. Other than that always a lot to be thankful for. 

Happy Tuesday! 


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