Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a busy weekend! Once when I was sleep talking I asked Ryan if he "enjoyed his messy weekend". We still do not know what a messy weekend entails, but this past weekend felt a little messy. Between the hub bub of panic-Christmas shopping at Target, Costco, World Market, Bath and Body and Target again, and trying to figure out where I hid all our christmas decorations, it's been a little scattered and messy. 
Sometimes I feel like it's a constant cycle making a mess and cleaning up a mess in our little apartment. We just got down three big suitcases from the "attic" aka... our hole in the ceiling of our closet. That, my friends, marks the coming our trip in TWO weeks! 

I don't yet have a weekend wrap for you, but I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful decoration and DIY gift ideas I've stumbled upon these last few days:

A link garland: 
Each day rip off one link (and on it is a hint to where a surprise is hidden) - advent style. 

I love wreaths I made one like the one below last year and was so tickled to see it still up in my grandpa's house a few weeks ago!  Deliberating if it's worth it to make one this year with only 2 weeks to enjoy it. 

via Evie S. 

...and here are a few DIY necklaces/earrings that would make me smile if I received them (that's always a good indicator) 


tutorial here

Happy Holidays and Happy crafting!


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  1. by attic or hole in closet you mean Moki/David/Alyssa's room, right?