Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy belated Thanksgiving friends and fam!

I didn't have a chance to post during our week-long journey down to So-Cal and back. So I'll have to do a few posts to catch you all up!

First Destination: San Diego
We rendezvoused up with my past roomie, Megan and her hubbie John in Walnut Creek and began our long journey down the I-5..

We had lots of time to catch up, count cows and even make a pit-stop at Walmart to buy Catch-Phrase!

And just as we were getting to the end of our our rope, we rolled in just in time for dinner. Alyssa's host dad took us out to Thai food. 

... from dinner we went hot-tubbing at a sweet place downtown 8 floors on top of an apartment complex... we headed home well fed and a little drowsy.. And just when we thought our first night had come to a close... the clock struck 1 am and Alyssa's nighttime hike began up to the tippy top of a MOUNTAIN. Ryan and I were the stragglers behind the firefighters and marathoners... But the sight was pretty amazing: 


Since we were in SD, we decided to visit Gung Gung for a wonderful afternoon of tea and crumpets and we even got to catch a little glimpse of his rehearsal..
 ( I also inherited a beret!)

Sunday Night: 

Sunday night, Caitlin, the last of the four roomies, flew in from running a half marathon! What studs I lived with!
We rushed to the airport sporting signs, just in case she had forgotten what our lovely faces looked like... 

We dined and headed to dueling pianos:

Monday Morning:

Monday we ate a hardy breakfast... and I unfortunately stumbled upon Dave's insanity hot sauce... baahhhh.. A few squirts into my breakfast burrito and I was chugging milk, slobbering all over ice cubes and chomping on frozen peaches.. Luckily, John was curious and joined me in the fight against fire.

It was a truly tearful goodbye and Ry and I pulled out of the parking lot. 

~Too Short, but super sweet!~ Thanks lys for being an amazing host! The Fitzs had una blast!

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