Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Curls and things

What a strange week it's been! I was chosen to be on the jury for my jury duty that started Monday and I'm hoping tomorrow (Thursday) will be our last day of trial. It' s been such a fascinating, but long and grueling, process. I'm not allowed to say any more than that, but the judge let us know that once the trial is over we are allowed to talk about the content and can even take money for giving information 40 days after trial.. so if you're curious, friends, show me the mula! hahaha

The other off-wack thing of the week is the abrupt change in weather! It's frigid outside right now. The rain was beating down like crazy this morning and then by 2 it was bright and sunny.... then at 6:30 right when our work meeting began... 
we heard a storm warning on the radio... 
and then the hail poured down with crazy lightening and thunder. 
We all went out for the show. A co-worker from the midwest wasn't impressed, but us Chico-ans were all giggling and gawking.. such strange weather.

...and in honor of this cold, unwelcome weather, I will exhibit some fun warm-wear that keeps my spirits up in spite of this cold season approaching..

Love that it's transparent, and again friends, notice the mixing of the florals.. I'm gonna do it, one day. 

2. Lady Scarf
I am a scarf fan. They become one with me when the cold comes out to play. They are cute and they are my friends. 
(This scarf is from Emmadime's knitted collection:

3. Bella Beanie
Love how big and fluffy this beanie is from the big pom pom to the fatty bow. bring it on! 
(this is also from Emmadime knitted collection)
4. Miss Owl
too cute. 

I also wanted to share with you an attempt at doing rag curls last week. The legit DIY from a Beautiful Mess below my pictures looked way easier that it was. Ry was cracking up at my floppy pieces of fabric hanging from my hair, so I made him help. They didn't actually end up that bad. I'll have to try again and see if I can perfect the art. 

Rag roll steps

Well, I must get to bed. Duty Calls tomorrow (no pun intended)
Hope you're week is going well!
Cheers to the holiday season quickly approaching!


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