Monday, September 5, 2011

Saturday Do-it-Yo-self explosion

Happy Labor Day Friends!
Saturday, was lazy/get-er-done day. Ryan set work goals for us in the morning, and when I finished mine, I began transforming some long-awaited DIY projects stuffed in the closet. (Ry furiously typing a  homework assignment out for a good 4 hours..oh that diligent student of mine)

Project Numero Uno: Bridesmaid re-wearable 
This bridesmaid dress I wore at my good friend Jess' wedding maybe 3 years ago and haven't worn since. It's so elegant, but unluckily I haven't had the opportunity for an elegant-enough occasion. So It got transformed un pocito. 

Now this after picture is 2-in-1. There is of course the cropped bridesmaid dress, but also take heed to the new shoe rack that I'm awkwardly holding. This was a find by my Ry, repainted to match my yellow shoes while we watched Flipped. Cute and simple, a nice break from all the action-packed shows we've been watching. 

Project Numero Dos: Mr.Lonely Chair's makeover
We met our friend on a walk around the neighborhood, a habit we're starting to make when all the hot and muggy of the day is trapped in our apartment. He was just "sitting" there chillin all lonely-like. So I adopted him, and decided to give him some "umph". 

After hours of being cooped up inside, we decided to take a little jaunt downtown to refresh the soul: 

A new-found Chico Mural~ sometimes they hide
 A charming little vintage store:

Yesterday we headed down to Sac to visit "the Kyle" and to get acquainted with some of the lovelies of Sacramento. Today's agenda is pretty lax. First: Breakfast!

Enjoy your day off friends, 


  1. Wow! That is a productive weekend. I love the dress and the chair! Hope you had a lovely Labor Day breakfast. We just got home from ours.

  2. the "mr. fantastic chair" photo is my favorite. you are adorable.

    i miss you!