Thursday, September 8, 2011

Like Brother like brother

Snippets of Sac

Last weekend we went to visit Ky for a few days in Sac. A refreshing change of scene. It's good to have brothers together. This pic is from a previous visit, but seriously, they walked out of opposite bathrooms in the same shirt... ridiculous

One of our little dates was to a cute little dessert place called Rick's Desert Diner. Carmel Turtle Cake: Yuuum!

 We also ventured to a drive in movie theater and to the Borders Out-of-business sale. Seemed like the thing to do amongst Ky's peeps, so we joined the crowd. 

Speaking of Fads. This Food-in-a-Jar craze is not only cute and convenient but it looks uber delicious. When can I host a party where I can hook this up? 

The links and recipes to these delectables I found on Under the Table Dreaming
Heck, ya. 

Friday Funday tomorrow! Heading down to the Bay for some Par-taays!
Glad you made it through the week, too. Much love

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  1. food in a jar! I swear we've done that more than once at our tree house residence. I like it!