Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding Creative Spaces
In our little apartment, I've learned where to hide the toilet paper, how to not hit the vacuum while looking through clothes and to downsize.. It's a tedious but healthy process. 

Getting in shape

Since lack of exercise this summer, it's taken a firm kick in the butt to get me in routine again, but Ry's been a good workout buddy.. right now we're working this military routine workout. I just did my first pull up yesterday! ha-ya! 

Writing Snail Mail
It's on my New Years resolution list, now it's gotta be done! Lys your next one is coming soon.. I hope. :)

Learning outside of School
I've been starting to eye the old, neglected textbooks that have been sitting on the shelf and have begun to refresh myself on some of the teaching essentials to keep my head in the game.. takes lots of self motivation. 

Being Bold
The other week one of the 6th graders from the afterschool program flipped out when she saw that I was wearing a purple cami under my shirt, when there was nothing else purple on my body! (oh my, what a terrible mistake!) Hahaha, it was fun watching the whole process while I stood up for my poor little purple cami. Especially when people are now busting out mixed patterns like the one above. Way more bold than I. But don't worry, I'm catching on! 

Being a excellent wifey.
 Year one is done, and there's still so much to learn about being a supportive, wise, fun-loving wife. What a fun journey I get to be on with Ry guy. 

Being myself
Sometimes it's hard after a day of "masking" who you are in order to meet the needs of a classroom. It takes me awhile on some days to get my "mean" face off and to chill out and be quirky and punchy. Thank goodness Ry's good at breaking me out of that work-day shell. 

So cheers to Friday my friends and being your quirky self!


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