Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A camping we will go

Weekend 3 of roadtrips, this last weekend was destination: Bucks Lake.
Ry and I (and Dora) were pretty tired from our last excursions to Sac and to the Bay, but we couldn't turn down a camping trip to beautiful Bucks Lake with friends... it was too much temptation. 
So, we packed up and hurried out Friday after work swung by In and Out and headed to the mountains.  It was great! We rolled into our campsite around 9 and were greeted by an earlier crew of friends who set up and prepared hotdogs and hamburgers for us! Score! Double burger night!

The weekend consisted of a lot of hanging out, eating and sleeping~ camping musts. Ryan at least went on a hike for a couple hours with the guys, I just sat and ate and slept and read.. throwing a couple rocks at chipmunks who kept eating our food.. It was a hard life. :)

Rock Balancing Therapy 
After lazing around all Saturday, (at least us girls who Lazed) we decided to go on a kayaking adventure so we headed to the Marina. The Marina was unfortunately limited in their resources so instead of renting out 3 tandum kayaks, 2 canoes and a paddle boat, we landed on the party boat... which meant more lazing around and eating, but just on a boat now. Haha

We headed back to some tin-foil dinners and layered up and crashed from our "exhausting day". Funny how that happens. 

...and now we're back getting into the swing of things again. The to-do list is piling up, along with the dishes in the sink, so I must go, but I'm glad I could share our weekend with you! 
Much love, 


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  1. You are pro campers now. Only the best know how to take it easy while camping.