Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just got back from a  camping trip to Bucks Lake, our last hoorah before the chilly winds start sneaking into NorCal. Such a great relaxing time with friends, more pictures to come:

When I got home this afternoon Moki called and asked if I could cut his hair, he meant his mane... I did my best with my cheapo hair-cutting scissors and flower clips. It was kind of fun chopping off huge chunks of hair~ felt satisfying, especially when I saw a huge heap on the floor when I finished. Crazy Kid, trusting me with scissors. 

So friends, hope you're ready for a new week and had at least a little time to recoup this last weekend. I've been challenged by a good friend to be careful of not getting too stuck in routine and to remember why we are here. To make sure to ask ourselves whether we're living an abundant life that is "epic". It's too easy to let our lives be controlled by fear, let's not let that happen...  : ) Let's take challenges together. 

I like this "subtle" reminder:..


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