Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Camp update= hello R.E.S.T.

This, my friends, is my last camp update, for I have made it to week 9, Survivor camp, and yes we are surviving! Last week, during our Time Machine week, we had a lovely surprise named Mari come up from the bay to help us out. She was Fabulo! We wore her out, every day after camp she crashed in the car before we could even get home. 
It was a blast having her up here. 

For one of our dinners out with Mari, we decided on Greek food, and to our lovely surprise, we got a free belly-dancing show to go with it! Food was good, show was a little distracting. I asked the boys to show me their belly-dancing pose... Moki's wasn't all that impressive:

making fail lava cakes, I need to try a new recipe

Here are some shots of some of the kid's horses from our western day and spaceship chalk-art from when we went into the future. Kid-art always hits a soft spot in my heart:

...and now as I see ending coming closer to a long, exhausting, beautiful, fun summer.. My thoughts turn to such things:

1. Staying Cool

2. Cooking some Yummies

 3. Chillin for a Killin'

 4. Road-Trippin' (Why not with Watermelons?)

5. Finishing Wedding Thank-yous :S

6. Do some Redecorating and Organizing

And getting ready to see my family that's coming in from Thailand next week!So much and so little time!
I'm going to finish off with a verse from Ephesians that we ran into yesterday at our Bible study:

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Eph 2:10

God's got some amazing plans for us, this was a great reminder for me and challenged me to go after these "good works" that he has already woven into who I am and what my desires are.. 
How amazing He has made us! Don't forget it!


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  1. Is that a chocolate dipped banana? nom nom nom!