Sunday, August 7, 2011


And Sunzone Summer Camp 2011 has come to a close. One last water fight, a dodgeball game, three hourse playing at the creek,  whip cream pies, cupcakes, pizza.. the whole sha-bang! And Moki, Ry and I are still in one piece! Praise God!

My heart was torn between the relief of making it through the summer and the hard goodbyes to the youngin's. It's always such a funny feeling~ saying hello to my good ol' friend "closure".
Now time for some rest. 

Today we headed out to hang with Kyle for the afternoon in Sac. Got some hardy Pho, went to "Dimples" record store, the boys bought these $1 grab bags with 3 CDs in each... We got to listen to TLC, Cranberries and B2K.. Great job home skillets. :)


Then off to Turlock we drove for Molly's Wedding. But that's for next time. : )

Good night! Tomorrow is Tahoe Time!! 

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  1. Closure has become a good friend of mine too:).....and I used to think that I never really needed it, silly me:)

    Wedding!= awesome