Saturday, July 30, 2011

1 year celebration Con't...

.. After our 5 minute shopping extravaganza, we headed to our reservation at a Japanese restaurant, Hibachi-style! I was probably as entertained as the little kids sitting behind us, ooh-ing and ah-ing at the onion-flaming-volcano and heart shaped fried rice. Oh the little things, how they make me smile: 

From there we headed to meet Kyle and walked over to the Sacramento Fair! It was way more packed and impressive than I had expected. We caught the end of Demolition Durby, peeking over a fence, and mostly watching smoke and dust fly everywhere. I wanted to see just like the other kids on their parent's shoulders..

From there we headed straight to... Funnel Cake land:

Kylie's Dinner

 The rest of the night we enjoyed just strolling around, checking out the exhibitions, concerts, contests and these two pansies weren't roller-coaster or anything "spinny" riders, so we had to just watch other's screaming their heads off... you  had to donate your kidney to pay for these rides anyways, so I guess we made the right decision.

What a fun day of celebration, thanks Ry for organizing it all, and thank you Miss Error GPS for helping us not get into navigational fights!
Hope you all are having a restful weekend and staying cool. I must spend a few hours planning my LAST week of camp!! Oh, boy, oh boy!!
Wish me Godspeed.

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