Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anniversary Celebration preview

I have approximately 13 minutes until my computer battery dies on me and so in this snit-bit of time I would like to give a little preview to our anniversary celebration from last weekend. 

Our day started with a typical road trip in our hot little Yakamashi Toyota Camry. To keep the "glass half full" I decided to make some sun tea on the dashboard.. I got overly excited, decided to shake the jar and then ended up with watery tea-leaf unhappiness.. overzealous.

Our first stop was a Spa for an hour Swedish massage, a sweet deal we found on Groupon! No pictures because we were sleeping the whole time. 
We thought we were going to have a huge gap of time before our dinner reservation, but we ended up with less than an hour. With this time we decided to try and find Sac's Anthropology so I could redeem a sweet birthday gift certificate from my bro and sister-in-law. We obviously got lost, due to my navigational errors, and when we finally found Anthro, I had about 10 minutes to find an outfit. Speed shopping like craaazy. But I guess I had enough time to snap some pictures of their bomb displays.. Oh anthro how I love your Artsy Fartsy. 

Hopefully this is enough to peak you interest. : ) I will continue our little celebration day hopefully tomorrow after Summer Camp week 8 has come to an end!!! Lord give me strength.
See you on the flip side,

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