Saturday, July 23, 2011

summer adjustments

Summer is a  crazy time of transition. We had Megan's wedding and Zach's in Texas, and the coming of Molly's in two weeks. We just helped Moki move into a house with 14 other guys! We helped our friends the Rappas move last night into a new, bigger apartment with the coming of their new baby boy. Next week is Ry's last week at work. Lots of hard goodbyes and fun hellos.

This last Thursday, our good friend, David, left the States to start a new adventure in China! He had a mighty good final week of goodbye celebrations and last-minute Chico adventures. Our busy schedules only permitted us to attend a few of these adventures, but it was still good for closure:

Left Coast Pizza~ chicken wing madness:

A gathering at the Madison Bear Garden:

David you're going to be missed in Chico, we mourned our loss when we road past Hooker Oak the other day... I know you're not dead, but Chico will be much quieter. We're so excited for you and your adventures over there in China. We'll be praying for you as you learn about how God is working there and how He'll be working in you for this next season. Christmas is right around the corner. The Fitzs will be waiting. :) 

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