Thursday, June 30, 2011

We gave ourselves a day post-wedding to wander around a small little town of Forth Worth, to soak up as much of the Texas feel as we could. With a little research, some tips from friends, and our lovely GPS who we named Miss Error on this very trip-- we found our way to the Stock Yards, a classic old downtown  with cowboys on each corner cracking their whips.

From an online tip, we made sure to make it by 4pm for the cattle run which goes right through the main street.. People lined the street by 3:40 with cameras in hand. All the anticipation lead up to a hand full of long-horned cows walking through the streets.. ry and I were giggling to ourselves as we thought about the elephants we were accustomed to seeing in the streets of Thailand.. Oh silly Texas.

 After trying on a few $500 cowboy hats, sipping on a peppermint milkshake, and investing a some postcards, we continued our journey via Miss Error. We made it to the Zoo 10 minutes after closing, walked into the IMAX theater 15 minutes after their last showing, and finally made it to the go-cart track! To our surprise we were the only two there and the track as Ryan would say, "was the smallest track I've ever seen!"... Good thing we're easily entertained. : )

At the end of our day, we got to meet up with Mr. and Mrs. Harms at a place called Billy Bobs~ the biggest country bar I've ever seen! Ry even square danced with me! Such a great ending to a great day! We'll have to leave ourselves a few more days next time to finish up touring Texas. : )
Till Then, Ya'll have a pleasant evening. 

So glad tomorrow is the friday to a three day weekend!

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