Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th-O-July!

A Splash of Red

A cloud of White

 A Tinge of Blue

Happy Fourth of July..
I wish cupcake sparklers on you all!

Balloons +Babies + BBQ ~> baby shower genius

Saturday was my free day. I got to sleep in until my hearts content, stroll around the farmers market with my hubz, sip on a Peets coffee in the hot sun.. I basically got to say "no" to all those lists of to-do's that kept popping up in my head. 
In the afternoon Ry and I got to go to a baby shower of our dear friends the Rappas.

my favorite guest: I hope to put glasses on my kid one day

It turned out to be such a nice sit-back-and-chat day at the park with a teasing breeze and some fantastic grub. I say three thumbs up! 
Hope you all are as psyched about sleeping in tomorrow as I am. :)
Celebrating well.

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