Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A sweet belated birthday to Ry Guy

Ry's birthday came in the midst of summer chaos, so before this post gets away from me, I would like send a late birthday shout-out to the Ry Guy~ mr.husband!

Because of the over-packed schedules we had little mini-celebrations through his birthday week.
We had a card-opening ceremony with Lyssa and Caitlin (because he couldn't wait any longer!)

There was also an in-the-car-day-of birthday celebration, with salsa and chips (which by ryan's definition from college is what constitutes actually having a party)

And they we had a nice little BBQ with friends and my mom and cousin, Adam, who came up to visit!

Mini-celebrations may be the way to go! 
Love love love you Ry and excited for this next year of life together~

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  1. haha love how Mr. T made it into the group photo! glad he could join us!