Friday, June 3, 2011

Brodbeck Extravaganza !

I introduced Megan and John to you when I did an engagement shoot of them. They were the firefighting fairytale story~ and now they are proudly Mr. and Mrs. John Brodbeck! 
Last weekend was a whirl of a wedding wonderfuls--from collecting cans at the recycle center for centerpieces to playing a pleasurable game of baseball with the wedding party and extended family. 
Megs even took us bridesmaids to the movie "Bridesmaids"~ I cried tears of laughter.. nothing treats stress like busting up with ladyfriends! 

The Wedding Day~

So throughout the week preceding the wedding the weather was playing cruel jokes on poor Megan's heart, a little sun here, a little drippy drop there.. The morning of, the sun peeked out, but decided to peace out for the hour of the ceremony, sending us bridesmaids into a shivering frenzy! Hopefully the bundled-up audience thought we were shaking from sheer joy!! I was pretty pumped. During the vows, there was this tremendous gust of wind that sent me to the verge of hypothermia, but at the same time was an amazing proclamation of the glory and majesty of God... it was pretty awesome. 
5 minutes after the I do's, the sun decided to peek out for the pictures warming our toes and our hearts..

At the reception we enjoyed some good grub, marveled at Meg's mom's cake, ate it, and danced the night away!

 And though they wanted to dance the night away, we scooted the Brodbeck lovebirds out into the night~ celebrating the end of a fantastic day and a lovely beginning to Megan and John's journey together as one. We love you so much and are pumped for you guys as you guys live life together!~

And on this same celebratory day, my hubby turned 26~! So many jokes leading up to this wedding about how he would get his own gift table, money dance, side for his family to sit, and how he would wear his birthday suit... I love you Ry, your birthday post is next! :)

Summer camp starts on monday! keep me in your prayers friends so much to do, so little time. 


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