Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Look Who's back from the Outback!

Last week, after so many murmurs about her arrival, 
Alyssa popped back into our lives fresh from the outdoors 
and into our living room--her loving parents anxious and waiting and all of us ready with a list of questions:
- what was your funniest moment?
- how often did you shower?
- Are you showered now?
- What are you doing next?
- Do you have your grad gown?
- You look tan. You look strong!
- Did you use a poop bag?....
Even though I'd like to give away some of these answers, I'll let her tell her own story: 

And straight from all these questions, she jumped into graduation the next day! So happy safe return and happy graduation Lyss!! We missed you and love you so much

 My loving Hubby and I prepped her party in the backyard of our friend's Caitlin and Danielle's house. It was a nice little setup but because of the pounding sun we had to move ourselves to the park across the street. (you would have never thought that it was going to pound HAIL two days later, but such is this crazy weather)

To match Lyss' fantastic, fun personality, I made some psychedelic cupcakes, I mostly just used white cake mix, poured it in three different bowls, dyed them different colors, and put some of each batter into the cupcake tins.  

And wah-la!~

As much as I'm pounded by summer camp work, I'm so excited that SUMMER is finally here!!! Sunscreen, swimming at bidwell, open windows, bikerides, BBQs, late-night runs! I'm so pumped!


  1. Yay! Alyssa's Back! Wish we could have been there for the graduation and the party.

  2. Now I really have to update my blog! Thanks for the welcome home Na, and those cupcakes were quite spectacular:)

  3. Perfect timing. I have been looking for more recipes like this! Its so colour full.

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