Sunday, May 22, 2011

Expectant of the Unexpected!

I come to you a year older, hopefully a year wiser, and ready to take on another year of life-altering unknowns..

So I Neeed to give you a wonderful recap of my birthday celebrations this last week. 
Unfortunately, the day my digits went up to 24 was not the most fantastic of days.. heard that I didn't get a 4th grade job I had interviewed for... but I did get a plethora of phone calls from loved ones from Thailand to Florida so no complaining. 
Ry got home late on my birthday, so we celebrated the day after his treat. :)
We went to this yummy fancy place called the Red Tavern that I had been eying for years! How he knows these things in my heart, I do not know. We sat in the back patio area where they have a Bocce ball pit. Good food mixed with games are a splendid mix for a happy Naomi. 

Now this next part, I must tell you,was semi-expected, and when I say semi, I mean I had inkling, a hopeful inkling. 
After our dinner, Ryan said we were planning on going to a movie and during our dinner I kept asking him if we needed to rush... It's hard being out of control of the schedule sometimes. His response: I forgot the times, lets swing by home to see what they are... (Guilty smile) 
Ry unlocked the door.. I waited for him to open it... He stepped aside and said "I need to fart, you should go in first". hahaha, too bad this wasn't a shocker. 
I opened the door to a group of sneaky shinanigans screaming "SURPRISE!".. How Fan-freaking-tastic!
It was a perfect spirit-lifter to see all the lovely smiling faces around me! What a stupendous, loving husband I have! 

proud grad

I almost burnt my eyelashes on this genius move

Anna made this great cake with coffee icing
Thank you friends and hubby for such a memorable 24th birthday! I'm excited for this next year of being Mrs.Fitz!
Till' next time.

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