Saturday, April 2, 2011

Road to recovery

I can't believe how long this sickness has latched on. Despite the sun that has finally broken through Chico's skies, the last three days, I have been confined to our couch staring out the window wondering if I have the energy to get a glass of water, or grab a kleenex for my ever-running nose. Most uneventful days ever, just staring, thinking about all the projects I have to do, but unable to move. 

It's taught me, though, what it really means to "be still". literally, for hours. sitting. still.  
Psalm 46 "be still and know that I am God".. I just learned the the term "be still" here actually isn't necessarily talking about not moving, but to be weak. Allowing God to be in control instead of trying to do it by the sweat of our own brow. We are such finite beings. I need to be more aware of God's infinite capabilities instead of the little I am capable of. Or else I get overwhelmed, and then sick, and "weak", and humbled. Funny how God draws us to Himself. 

Today I did have the strength to run a few errands though and spent the rest of the day sorting through boxes of pictures that got exiled from my bachan (grandma's) attic. 

 These are some of the fun ones, I picked out to share: 

Sleep well. and hope you made it through your April fools in tact!

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