Friday, March 11, 2011

21 and 23

Moki's birthday celebration took place on perfectly drizzly day with a group of pro-putput golfers ready to take on the deep puddley-challenges of our small Chico mini golf course. I just have to note that although I don't particularly love mini-golf and claim it as one of my forte's.. I came out as third in the crowd, with ry first and ky as runner-up. It must be in the Fitzstevens blood~ must be one of the little perks I married into. 

..and after our refreshing round, Moki blessed us with a fabulous Teriyaki Chicken and Carne Asada Dindin. 

and I made my very first rum cake! ( i guess in celebration of the big 2-1)
and look at the very fitting gift his roomies got him: 
I say.. Sherlock the Tae Kwan Do mastaaa~

and Alyssa met Mr. 23..

To celebrate we had a classic crepe pre-church breakfast. The toppings are as follows: 
Strawberries, whip cream, chocolate sauce, nutella, peanut butter, powdered sugar and all the fun combinations of the above. 
and of course, the scrumptious left-overs from the bridal shower-- a perfect breakfast delight!

Happy Birthday you two! I love you both dearly and so do the people around you, you both bring so much Joy into the world~ so keep it up!

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