Monday, March 14, 2011

Finishing first grade...

Friday marked the end of my long-term sub position with my first-graders.. It's a tough thing to work with the same group of kids for six months and then just bid farewell mid year. I just get so attached, it's like I feel responsible for them to all get to second grade.
When I came in, though, I was greeted by a table full of flowers and fun cards and pictures-- I guess you could call it a good part of closure. :) 


Kids make the best pictures, and with so much confidence, too. I hope I can be a confident "draw-a-truck" artist one day. 

Spring Break.
So Friday also marked the beginning of Spring break. So yesterday Ry and I randomly began this huge Spring-cleaning project that started just with washing dishes, but then contagiously moved into sorting papers, and text books, and vacuuming carpets, sofa cushions and cars... It's a cleansing process especially for me and my knick-knack habits.  

... and tomorrow we head off to the Bay to begin our roadtrip--destination: San Luis Obispo! we're heading back to the place of our engagement, hopefully with some stops to see some loved ones and to catch some laughs, waves, and rest. 

~if only we had this little VW-- our cars are currently beginning to decompose on us, see this may be a little more of an adventurous road trip than planned. ~

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  1. The pictures from the kids are amazing. I cried... :) Take care sis....