Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shower Power

As promised, here's a more complete look at the bridal shower we threw last Saturday for Megs. Through the flurry of all the preparations, everything seemed to come together real nicely even some of the  fun little details I had hoped for: 
Here's some snapshots from our prep days before. We had Ry and some of Lys' friends do some taste testing for us-- which really should be a job that is more available in society...

The Spread: 
~and this is what we pulled together.. 

the cupcakes were carefully brought all the way from Redding compliments of the mother-of-the-bride, who will also be making Meg's wedding cake~ I'm sure you can see why. 

After munching, sipping and chit-chatting we moved on to a little friendly, bridal-related competition. This included the classic "what's in your purse" game:

Design the dress -with the paper on top of your head: 
note the detailed frill and body that I got on this beauty

...and Create the Cake topper-- with marshmellows, toothpicks 
and peanut butter playdough. 
This is almost a scary, morbid topper~ I just say- our team didn't win.

After our lovely afternoon we opted for boas and head out into the night: 
First stop was "The Bear", Chico's famous bar and burger hangout: 

To balance out all the little bite-size cutesy foods we had that afternoon, I had myself a fantastic Bravo Avocado Burger -- compliments of Alyssa. It gave me the boost I needed 
to dance the night away. : ) 
Jackie- who is in the back right with the boa also had run a half marathon
that morning, and Lys made it to the big 2-3. But that blog is next.
What a wonderfully packed day! 

 Cheers megan, you're one celebration closer to the real-deal!


  1. brilliant! makes me want to get married all over again.... ;) even though I never even got a bridal shower. he he

  2. Oh, the shower looks so fun. The decorations are so cute. So, I know we only met once over skype, but I feel like I have known you for a while. Alyssa always has pictures and stories to tell, and I even saw video footage of your wedding. Hopefully we can meet in person sometime soon. I love your blog!