Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Stuffed up
So. It's been awhile. 
I'm guessing about two weeks ago, some inconsiderate kid decided to sneeze all his or her germs all over me and about 5 days ago sickness set in on my body and I've been trying with all my might to fight against this secret attack... but I seem to be loosing. 
This means later, drowsier wake-ups... trying to teach with two plugs up your nose and kids making fun of you: "wud is da nubber afder 12?"~ I guess I would laugh at me too. Complete exhaustion after coming home and some moments of loopiness (according to ry). It's been a sick cycle- no pun intended. 

I just want to sit back on this lovely invention and enjoy my new Ready Made magazine that just came in yesterday:

It's like a fancy crazy modern rocking chair. Or you know those bouncers for infants? One for jealous adults. I bet you could also catapult someone pretty far on one of these things too. : )

Hope this finds you clear-headed and Vitiman C'd. Drink lots of water, stay away from inconsiderate kids and stay warm!.


p.s. my friend megs made this super easy dessert the other night for us, thought i'd share it's brilliance: 

Fruit Pizza:
*get a sugar cookie dough roll from the grocery store. Flatten it out on a pan and cook it until a little browned (just like a cookie)
* Make cream cheese frosting: 1 cream cheese package, 1 cup powered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla (you can add some butter if you feel like it)
* spread out frosting and then add some beautiful fruit like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and such.  


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