Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another pillow case down

I've semi-joined this group called Project Restyle, who's goal is to revamp old/used things into new fantastic things. I'm super motivated by the edgy, shirts, bows, dressers and such they're coming out with and have tried out a few things myself. Still haven't added it to their sight but kinda doing it on my own.
Here's a recent restyle:

I took an old pillow and some of the many ribbons we got from bed bath and beyond wedding gifts and decided to jazz up this sad "case".  
This is what I started with: 

Then I just sewed a loose stitch through the middle of the ribbon, scrunched it up and sewed it onto the pillowcase: 


I think I may add some more layers later, but I have to say, I did give it a better personality. 

I'm so pumped that tomorrow is Friday! I'm going to go visit my friend, Megan, up in Shasta to work on wedding details with her. Wish us luck!

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