Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blissful memories

A month and five lovely days into marriage.
Boxes of random are unpacked.
We've put almost all of our wonderous gifts to use
put up a shelf today. actually took two days. with both fitzs' mind and muscle power.
worked out morning routine-- coffee for him tea for me. 
I'm working with kiddies again at an afterschool program compliments of Alyssa. :)
and life is rolling forward..
yet before I get too far sucked in into married life crazies i want to remember a month and five days ago.

here are some of my favs..

Tulle party!~
Jaaaiii Ho! --- Clap-cross-whip the eggs- point, point, point..

And here are the beauts -- with all their spunk 
Yellow Anyone?
Newest out from Gucci----lace strapped tuelle flowergirl dress.

The famous dodge... I think I still win. 
Jump Megan!! Run Alexi!! (btw: megan= baller)

~Love you more than anyone~
What at team of awesome bridal partyites.....
Sunshine after tears of joy fell from my face
I heart kyle. 
Just Dance.

*Mr.Mrs. Fitzstevens*


  1. beautiful!

    we're settling in, slowly, one shelf at a time!

    i love sharing this place with you!

  2. you're home is very homey and great:) Best in the morning after an early run for waffles....the famous dodge photo is epic