Tuesday, August 24, 2010

and blogging I must

Okay my beloveds..I have a well known semi-confession to make.
~~ what seems to happen regularly is.. I am late. It's either that or else I'm just slow-- usually about 2 years slow in terms of online social networking. But even though I joined facebook maybe a few years after the boom it seems to still be going strong. So, my blogging friends, if you are still around, do not unblog on me for I am merely a young blogette.
I would love to share bits and pieces of life with you especially as I enter into this new season of life, so those of you not walking-distance away can still put in your two cents. 
I am excited and hopefully not flaky. 

1 comment:

  1. hello wife!
    haha! now i know where you keep your secret thoughts! you shall hide nothing from me muahahaha!

    glad to see you starting up again and have an artistic outlet to share with those near and far.