Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love Husband

After a whoppin' three months, Ryan is still shining strong... 
New traits, characteristics, accents & facial expressions keep 
appearing out of nowhere! much to love. : ) 

Modeling one of our most favorite wedding gifts : ) flattering huh.

Pink snuggy gifted by the roomies...
thank you so much, I can't wait for these cold days to come...
because he will wear it... in public... with pride. 

Leatherby's in Redding with the boys~ : S 
Sanduches in the parke 
what a winer-reimer 

Ryan loves road trips


  1. So photogenic your husband. That pink snuggy really brings out the color in his eyes.

  2. lovely lovely with radness thrown in. i like how you call yourselves 'fitzs' :)