Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ashland OR

Why hello there strangers! 
Here's my monthly post! : ) Veterans Day has given me one more day to prep, so I actually have a moment to give you a peek into the get-away Ry and I just took to Oregon these last two days.

Obviously life has been crazy for me especially these last few weeks with deadlines and conferences and projects and such. Ry, knowing we had to leave in order to actually rest, found a Daily Deals special up in Ashland Oregon for us venture to. I played my part and got sick on Thursday so that I could be a zombie and sleep during our road trip. Typical Naomi. 
Our space was pretty sweet though, very comfy  and cozy. 

I was thoroughly in love with the complimentary breakfast. There were so many options, and of course I had to try them all. It was free--duh. Ry had to persuade me to leave the first day. This morning I got up especially early not only because my coughing but my excitement for breakfast. I unfortunately had to wait an hour and a half for Ry to wake up.  

We saw the sights..

Found our local used bookstore~ bought a gift and a C.S. Lewis classic that we've both been wanting to read: Screwtape Letters

Found our local bakery... and lunch.. pizza with artichokes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and jalepenos. $2.50. dealio. 

Found our local coffee shop.
Read and graded papers for a few hours before we went to watch Perks of Being a Wallflower. It's interesting, last time we were driving up through Oregon, I was reading that book to Ry for one of my classes.  

Dinner was also compliments of our Daily Deals package. Most of the specials the waiter told us we couldn't understand, but dinner was delish and dessert was decadent. 

All of the elements to a good road trip! Despite my embarrassing coughing and snotting, it's just what I needed to get through this next week and on to Thanksgiving break. 

p.s. on our way home we stopped by a restaurant called dos amigos to eat. Ry enjoys texting these types of things to friends... What is "salidas diarias" he asks. 

When we walked in, both our waiter and hostess were Asian, which was somewhat surprising for a small mountain town in northern california. They seemed to notice, too, and even without playing the Asian card, the waiter said at the end of our meal that we didn't have to pay one of the additional charges because we're "good people and basically family, you know asian"... hahaha! yup.  

A good ending to a restful trip. 

Hope this finds you well. 


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  1. Hey Fitzes! Just been catching up and I see you went to Ashland... that coffee shop is right next door to the apartments I'm going to move into this summer! Crazy! Miss you guys!