Sunday, November 25, 2012

Florida Thanksgiving

Happy belated Thanksgiving!
This past week has flown by, but I have to say I do feel  more rested and ready to take on this last month of school before Christmas. 

Ry and I just got back in Friday night from our trip to Florida visiting his side of the family. 

We got in at midnight stayed up until 2am catching up and woke up at 7am to visit some of the parks at Disney World. 
Talk about jumping right into vacation mode:

A lot of the cherished moments during this week happened around the dinner table. Ryan & I enjoyed whipping up meals like sushi and Thai curry for everyone to share in, then we would listen to some stories from Grandma and Grandpa Fitz. Some were about pranks grandpa used to do to coworkers and friends others were about adventures and journeys of faith they had gone through. 

Even though many at the table had heard these stories millions of times, they were new for me and I was in awe of these two amazing people. 

On Thanksgiving more family came in to join us and we celebrated at a nearby community center which was decked out for the holidays. There was quite a spread and we made sure to at least sample each of the 6+ types of desserts. 

We are thankful for a time of rest and time to spend time with family far away. We thank God for the heritage He's given us and the way he has blessed us with such amazing family. We are inspired by the things he has done in our parents and grandparents and hope we can continue to bring his light to people around us. 

~to Him be the Glory~


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