Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Watching the Olympics this last week has been a blast. In Tahoe we had quite the nightly gang gathered around the TV hootin' and a hollerin'.. we even had some tears shed over some losses and victories. We truly understand competition-- we resonate with the intensity of it. :)

Before we headed out to Tahoe, we decided to do an Olympic kick-off party at our complex on Opening night. It was a blast.


Minute-to-Win-it Competitions: 


Our night was an Olympic success! A lot of people got into the games and trivia, we probably gave out 40 chocolate medals and had a handful of ribbon twirlers fighting outside with their "wands" by the end of the night. I love it! 
Then early the next morning we packed up our Dora, and packed up Moki and headed out towards the mountains...

Until hopefully soon, au revoir! 
Tahoe pics to come soon. 


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