Monday, August 6, 2012

As promised, 
Here are some lovelies from our trip to Tahoe last weekend. Still thinking about how amazing the weather was there as I sit in my Chico heat frying an egg on the sidewalk.

Day 1- everyone came in from everywhere. 
There was the reuniting of the Groot-Fitzes:

Then our classic bikeride:



Then the youngins were on KP and dinner prep:

Day 2- we headed to Camp Richardson Beach

Mari Had a Crazy knee surgery a few weeks ago, and Mrs. Trooper was wheeling it around Tahoe with the help of her buff brothers and padres. She's amazing!Cheers to this road to recovery Mar. 

The next stop is one of my favs--- The Ice Cream Parlor!

Take Heed--this was the kids scoop!

In addition to the shown events there was also some  feasting, catching up, fishing,fellowshiping, Olympic cheering.. and of course game playing..

This was our kick-off game of ro-sham-bo (jon-can-po!-- japanese version)
... and one of our youngest cousins was shaming us with her mad skills! It was entertaining and frustrating.

Then it was sweet goodbyes after such sweet hellos. 

Then this little stinker didn't just leave Tahoe but up and left the continent!! Bahhhh!...What a great visit we had with you Beth, you're bombtastic and way too far away. Blessings as you enter into the craziness of school and a bazillion activities you're involved in. Maybe sooner or later we won't be in different time zones. 

Farewell Tahoe, till next year, 


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  1. Yay! I just found your blog! Love it! Some of your Tahoe pics are from places that I grew up loving...I can't tell you how many icecreams I've had from camp rich!