Sunday, July 1, 2012

G-pa Mansfield

This past week we've been able to play a little catch up after the bustle of visitors. I was hoping to have my classroom ready by the end of June so I could dive into plans, but I found out that we're aloud to paint our walls--I couldn't resist. So this last week I've been in and out of the classroom trying get all the taping/painting/touching up done. I've got specs of paint on my toes, elbows, calves and's trendy. We also have two events this week, so we've been running around trying to get logistics done for that. It's busy and lots is getting done, but it's funny how my to-do list continues to stay the same length. It's life. : )

I wanted to let you in our our time with Ry's Gramps when he stopped into Chico last week. He took a train from Illinois and drove down from Oregon, not just to see us, but we were a lucky stop on his way down to LA. Kyle and his girlfriend Marley came up from Sac to join this little family reunion. 

First stop: Sophia's (Thai food)

Day 2: Art Galleries and Farmers
The Molting Parrot


no I will never get sick of feet & flower pics : )

We even took him out to play pool for old time's sake: 


Farmer's Market on our breakfast: 

Family in town= muy bueno-- we were deprived for 18 years, so now we're slowly catching up! Wish Indiana wasn't a 10 hour drive and 3 day train trip away. :) Oh East coast/West Coast you kill me sometimes.  

Well, I better call it quits. I'm already an hour into tomorrow morning (1am) and Ry is challenging  me to a tetris match. I think I took too long of a nap this afternoon...


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