Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Gals

Last weekend, we had the joy of  having "the girls" up in Chico. My sister and two cousins finally came up ~ a much awaited visit that was promised a year ago. So we made it worth their while and showed the the Chico ropes... places and activities you're probably very familiar with if you read my blog...

here's my photo documentary- 

We had a major blast with these silly little ladies and were wiped out by the end of the week. Wish they would all move up here eventually-- trust me-- we tried our best recruiting. We'll see what happens.  :)
For now, I've been working tirelessly on my classroom-- I'll try to post some before/after pics.. Right now my classroom still has a very "before" vibe. bwah. 
I also need to recap some of our time with Grandpa Mansfield from a few days back.

Goodness how summer is slipping quickly through my fingers! I don't want June to end!
I'll probably post again---in July..


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  1. I am thoroughly impressed by all your jumping pictures into one mile! Quite the experienced bunch.