Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Week

As promised, 
Here's a peak at Ry's Birthday weekend: 
We joined some of our friends on a camping adventure at a place called Scott's Flatt. It was a bustling memorial weekend that started off with little wimpy sprinkles of rain. 
Nothing that scared us enough to pack our bags and head out Friday evening. 

Saturday, the wimpy rain decided to man up and actually dumped some substantial sized-drops on us. We took cover under a netted canopy our friends had brought to keep mosquitoes out, little did we know we were going to be using it as a fortress.
The boys had to eventually dig little moats around our tents because we were getting flooded in.

We were basically on Survivor, roughin it out for a few hours, munching on our grub and playing games inside our fortress, but eventually baby Anya just piped up and her first words were: 

--and we all agreed---
so we packed up our soggy selves and headed 10 minutes away to Nevada City where the sun was still shining before the storm: 
we found a little pizza joint and hung out for a few hours before heading back to our rain forest..

Day 3: the sun joined us again and we snagged a spot by the lake to do some kayaking and quality reading before heading out. We also got to make the chicken packets and peach cobbler we had planned for. A good ending to our camping adventure. 

Monday was Ryan's real birthday so I made him so really dense Belgian waffles and took him to the County Fair. 

We decided to go for the whole fair experience so we grabbed our jalepeno cheesy fries and watched the demolition derby. Then I got Ry to go on the Ring of Fire with me... and it was pretty thrilling and loopy and fun until the umpteenth upside-down loop...
we staggered off the ride with smiles on our faces but frowny faces on our tummies. 
It was time to go home and I didn't get to buy him funnel cake so I made it at home: 

It was a good weekend. I hope it was for Ry too, I should have him guest blog about it to see what his perspective was. I feel like it was a good mix of friends, food and fun. 
Hope you're having a lovely weekend, 


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  1. thanks for a super awesome b-day!! i love you! you-da-best! i'm so lucky to have you!
    that funnel cake was really superbly tasty!